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Viperdet MS Downline

Viperdet MS Downline


Updated: January 21, 2024
Surface, Underground

Product Description

Viperdet MS non-electric downline assemblies consist of a specific length of yellow shock tube, with a high-strength delay detonator crimped to one end and closed at the other end by an ultrasonic seal. A colour coded label marked with the specified delay is attached to the shock tube within 10cm of the seal.


Viperdet MS Downline is used as a in-the-hole detonator for the initiation of explosives in surface and underground mines, quarries, and construction blasting.
Viperdet MS non-electric detonators must not be used in flammable environments such as methane or coal dust.
Viperdet MS non-electric detonators are safe against extraneous electric currents except lightning.

Product Specifications

Detonator strength: No. 8.
Shock tube: Triple extruded polyethylene exterior over surlyn inner.
Shell: Aluminium.
Elongation: 140%.
Tensile Strength: Minimum 80N.
Delay timing: 350ms or 500ms.
Nominal VOD of shock tube: 2000 m/s.
Resistance to hydrostatic pressure:  48 hrs at 1 MPa.

Guidelines for Use

Priming and Initiation

Viperdet MS Downline can be used to prime the full range of BME’s detonator-sensitive explosive products.
Viperdet MS Downline detonators can be sequentially delayed and initiated by Viperdet Trunklines.
Viperdet MS Downline can also be initiated by a single strand of detonating cord with a minimum core load of 5 g/m.

To prevent a snap, slap, and shoot incident (unexpected detonation) never pull or stretch non-electric shock tube to the point of breaking.

Ground Temperature
This product may be used in ground temperatures up to a maximum of 65°C (150°F). If the application requires use outside of this temperature range please contact a BME Technical Representative for additional guidance.

Sleep Time
The maximum in-hole sleep time is 28 days. If the application requires longer in-hole sleep time, please consult with a BME Technical Representative for guidance.

Shelf life
36 months from the date of production. Store under recommended conditions.

Storage conditions
Minimum storage temperature (- 45°C) and maximum storage temperature (+65°C). The product should be stored in its original packaging.

Disposal of expired non-electric detonators and its packaging should conducted of by authorized personnel and/or companies.


Units are placed in plastic inner packaging that is heat-sealed and packed in boxes.
Other lengths are available on request.

2 m400
4 m300
6 m200
8 m180
10 m150
12 m120
15 m100
18 m80
21 m50
24 m50

UN Classification for Transportation and Storage

Proper shipping name
Detonator assemblies, non-electric.


1.1B (UN 0360).
1.4B (UN 0361).
1.4S (UN 0500).

Safe Use

  • Never fight explosive fires.
  • Refer to Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for first aid information.
  • All explosives must be transported and stored in accordance to relevant regulations.
  • All explosives are classified as dangerous goods and may cause damage to property, personal harm, or death, if not used correctly.
  • Always keep products away from sources of heat, sparks, flame or hot surfaces and avoid mixing with combustibles or incompatible materials.

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