Blast Alliance

BME's integrated software portfolio.

As mining companies rapidly shift their strategies and operating models to leverage digital transformation, new technologies in blasting and explosives are making an ever more vital contribution to bottom-line improvements.

The Blast Alliance core brands are Blastmap blast design application for Surface and Underground, Xplolog for accurate hole and deck data capturing and reporting and the BME Blasting Guide App for quick block design calculations and verification. Blastmap and Xplolog seamlessly integrate with one another, as well as with our state of the art AXXIS Digital Initiation System for timing design.


Surface and

Better plan, design and analyse your surface and underground blasts with Blastmap software.


Logger and Online Dashboard

Capture accurate blast hole and deck data with real-time views, data analysis and custom reporting.

Blasting Guide App

Mobile Application
for Android Devices

Calculate blast designs quickly and conveniently, on your Android mobile device.


Smart MMU

BME's latest revolutionary, digital-integrated solution that meets customer needs from the blast planning to the detonating stage.

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