Minor details, major benefits!

The AXXIS detonator has a convenient connector that you can use to join the detonators together in a network, using a variety of wires.

Minor details, major benefits!

Minor details, major benefits!

The AXXIS detonator has a convenient connector that you can use to join the detonators together in a network, using a variety of wires.

AXXIS connectors allow you to extend your network to the blasting machines for communication with the detonators, to adapt to any situation or terrain.

It’s quick and easy to log and test detonators, without the hassle of opening the connector. Simply bring the AXXIS connector into contact with the two pins at the top-end of the logger-pod.

The pins insert into holes at the rounded end of the detonator, where they make contact with the down-lines. You’ve now established communication with the AXXIS logger. 

The unique design of the AXXIS connector ensures that the connection is not blocked by debris at the entrance of the holes – saving you time on unnecessary delays and added maintenance.

The gel in the AXXIS connector creates a faultless seal and acts as a second layer of protection against dust, mud, water, and oils from entering the connector. With AXXIS connectors, you get uninterrupted use and seamless logging in real mining conditions.

The AXXIS connector only opens once you link it to the surface wire. This spares you from dealing with frustrating delays, by eradicating resistance or leakage while you work. 

It locks securely into a releasable catch, so that the connection can be reversed. This offers you ultimate flexibility for adapting to any environment while you’re wiring your network. The catch joins the two components when you close it, further reinforcing the connection and reducing your chance of faults.

The position of the releasable-latch on the AXXIS connector allows you to quickly open the connector to insert wires in any direction, and safely secures the lid in place. This speeds up your connection process on the pattern and gives you greater versatility on-site.

A specially-engineered ball-hinge applies an abundant force onto the buss-line when you close the connector. This securely splices both conductors into the AXXIS connector tines, to prevent you from having to deal with intermittent shorts and costly downtime.

The hinge-connection incorporated in the dual-component design allows connectors to move independently of one another. This ensures that you always have an opening area to insert the buss-line. 

The retention slots are specifically positioned on the side of the AXXIS connector, so that you can easily place and align the buss-line during splicing.

The connector has an insulation displacement (IDC) terminal that accommodates dual conductors to make sure that you always have an excellent electrical contact. The dual conductors also spare you the time and effort of having to add more connectors when wiring the network or installing a fish-bone connection.

AXXIS Silver and Titanium connectors are clearly colour coded, so it’s easy for you to distinguish between cable lengths at a glance – safeguarding you and your team from avoidable mishaps.

The large size of the AXXIS connector ensures you can open and close it while wearing gloves, so you can easily operate it in cold weather or underground environments.

The round shape of the AXXIS connector makes it durable, so you avoid the risk of breakages – even when it’s trampled by heavy boots on the ground.

AXXIS is a robust and durable product, developed in the field, and manufactured by BME at a dedicated, on-site manufacturing facility.

With AXXIS, you can rest assured that your equipment is practical, reliable and durable – even in the most extreme mining conditions.

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